CSA stands for Community Supported(or Share) Agriculture. Taking part in a CSA program means that a consumer is able to access convenient, healthy, affordable and local foods on a weekly basis. To subscribe, you would pay for a “share “ to my farm at the beginning of the season (before June 1st). As the season progresses, the farm would deliver a box of produce to a location that is convenient for you to pick it up every week (but our farm mostly does drop offs to your door if convenient). My CSA share would run from mid-late June (depends on the planting date), and extend for 16 weeks. I try to stretch my season for as long as I can so that the boxes keep coming until there is nothing left producing on my farm to put in them. This will be our second year doing a CSA and we are very excited to say the least!

                The CSA program is very neat mainly due to the fact that you get to create a relationship with the person who actually produces your food. Some people with higher interest can also come to the farm and take a tour if they would like. Receiving high quality produce at lower than retail prices on a steady basis that goes from field to fork with no pesticides or unknown chemicals is also a huge benefit.

                In the boxes that I would give to people, you would find all of the products that are listed in the above tabs including all vegetables, fruits, herb products and honey. People may also inquire about syrup availability. I adjust my CSA shares for the customers by having them fill out a preference sheet right at the beginning of the season as well as keeping close contact with them via email or texting. I can also accommodate for smaller or larger families or buyers that are more concerned about buying on a per week basis just to try it out. Locations I deliver to include the Carman, Morden, and Winkler area.

Here are my Prices:

Large: $475.00
Small: $300.00
Weekly: $35.00

              Payment can be completed by cheque or e-transfer. If you are interested, please contact me with your name, the general area you're from and any other questions and inquiries. I deliver mostly to the west and south ends of Winnipeg as well as the Carman area. Thank you!
             Email: hamiltop72@gmail.com
                                                             Cell: 1(204)750-1008


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