Monday, 1 February 2016

Coming Out of Hibernation to Say Hello...

Hello everyone! I’m back after my busy fall of working and finishing University to update my blog (better late than never)! Its times like these when people are craving a fresh garden grown watermelon, tomato or raspberry. It also tends to inspire people to sign up with a local CSA producer.  CSAs can be so nice in the summer when you are in need of those fresh veggies and fruit for the cabin or home and you don’t have a large garden, don’t want to head out to the farmer’s market, or just basically don’t have the time or effort to supply enough for yourself. If this sounds like a venture that you’d like to be a part of let me know by sending me an email! There is still space available for you to join and purchase either a large or small CSA share (see the “CSA” tab for more details).

If you also don’t want to commit to a full season, I have a “pay weekly” CSA option where you can contact me right before your favorite part of the season to pay as you go. It is however more cost-wise to get a small or a large CSA. I deliver mainly to the Carman, Morden, and Winkler area. I also deliver right to your door which some larger CSAs won’t do. If you have any more questions, contact me at

                Since the beginning of a new year, Hamilton Hills Produce has kept quite busy. Even though farms across Manitoba look quite dormant in the winter due to their overwhelming white frozen landscapes, they never really slow down. A lot of producers in the winter keep busy on the computer while updating their finances, planning for next year, gathering supplies, fixing equipment, erecting new buildings and marketing their products. I have spent the month of January working through budgets and finance sheets for the bees while also constructing which varieties of veggies and fruits get to make it onto the acreage. The next step for February is to nail together some new bee hives and get together some seed and supplies for the fruit and veggies. I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on!

                I also recently attended the 2016 Mblog conference downtown Winnipeg and received some useful tips and strategies to make this blog a more of an insightful read. I plan to blog even more content this coming year, aimed at helping readers to become more involved in the horticultural community and attain new knowledge about growing and caring for a wide variety of food and landscape plants. Areas of interest include vegetables (of course), herbs, fruits, syrup, perennials, shrubs and trees, and bees. I’ll be working from the soil up and from planting to harvest while trying to cover all areas of production from the producer to the consumer.  For any season other than summer, I’ll be posting about 2 times per month, otherwise, it will be once per week. Looking forward to it!


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  1. You are my hero... looking forward to our first CSA delivery.